Basic Edition

PianoGato Basic Edition (non-P2 version) is a free download with basic features.

Composer Extras Package

Available as an In-App Purchase from within the Basic Edition, this package enables all editing features.

Volume Discounts

Educational institutions are eligible for volume discounts by purchasing PianoGato P2, which comes with the Composer Extras Package already enabled.

Quick editing. Easily insert and modify notes.

Insert notes by tapping on the screen, or touch and drag them into place. Select one or more notes and slide up or down for finer adjustments. Apply and remove note options, such as accidentals, by tapping on the appropriate symbol.

Edit notes

Universal support. Use on iPhone or iPad.

Compose your piano music score on-the-go and anywhere using your iPhone. Take advantage of iPad's larger screen size for faster editing. Up to four rows of score editors are shown on the iPad Pro 12.9". Each score editor row shows a section of the score, which wraps around at the end of each line.

Editing on the iPad and iPhone

Export as Lilypond source. Generate pdf and midi files.

Lilypond source files can be generated and shared straight from the app. Compile the source files using the open source Lilypond compiler on a PC, Mac or Linux desktop to generate beautifully engraved piano sheet music as well as corresponding midi files.

Export as Lilypond source

Create playlists. Listen to your compositions.

Create your own playlist of songs rendered from your compositions. Select and order them as you would with any musical playlist.

Export as Lilypond source

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